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ACNOC All Hybrid Essence FREE Acnoc Acneser Spot Gel 5g


ACNOC All Hybrid Essence FREE Acnoc Acneser Spot Gel 5g

Rp689.000 Rp600.000



5 Efficacies in 1 which is the right answer of all skin problem “All Solution in One Essence”

• Anti-Acne Purified Xanthone which contains Alpha-Mangostin from Mangosteen. The key ingredient to manage your acne problems and very friendly to sensitive skin. With our Nano Emulsion technique to be easily absorbed into the skin. (From Collaboration Research with Top research institute)

• Anti-Aging SWT-7, Swertiamarin extracted from Indian gentian leaves, to nourish your skin with 5 Growth Factors and reduce aging wrinkle within 7 days.



Acneser Spot Gel membantu menghaluskan bekas jerawat dan membantu dalam pemulihan wajah dari bintik-bintik gelap.

Produk ACNOC adalah produk perawatan jerawat yang alami, diformulasikan dengan nutrisi kulit dari ekstrak kulit Manggis dan ekstrak Quercetin yang sangat efektif dari kulit bawang Jepang yang secara efektif memaksimalkan perawatan jerawat. Alpha-mangostin dalam buah manggis memberikan manfaat antioksidan yang maksimal untuk membuat kulit sehat dan berseri. Ini adalah kombinasi bahan alami untuk perawatan jerawat.



• Anti-Pollution UrbanEthic Cotton Stem Cell, protect your skin from pollutants and enhance your skin to protect UV radiation by stimulating secondary metabolism to shield your skin as another layer.

• Pore Minimizing Pore min-Ex, the key ingredient to minimize the pores and improve the collagen absorbing process of the skin. Reduce the cause of acne problem, brightening and soften your skin and reveal the healthy hydrating skin.

• Skin Brightening Purified Bromelain from Pineapple Root, Deep biotechnology research which reduce red and dark spots and amplify anti-tyrosinase effect from natural ingredient.



All Hybrid Essence, the answer of your skin problem. Highly effective essence will minimize your skin pore and brighten your skin with the anti-acne efficacy. Mild and tender to your skin even sensitive skin and reduce dark spot and melasma area. All in one effective skin care which is every easy to absorb deeply into your skin


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